Audience Finder – Ticketing Data

For organisations with a ticketing system, analysis of ticketing data can provide deep behavioural insights. Not only that, but by analysing your ticketing data through the Audience Finder Data Tools, you can compare your audience behaviours with the typical behaviours of audiences in particular geographic regions or against national audiences of a particular artform.

Supported systems

Audience Finder supports a growing list of ticketing systems. Those currently supported include:

  • Spektrix
  • Tessitura
  • Enta
  • PatronBase
  • ProVenue Databox
  • SeatGeek (SRO4)
  • Ticketsolve
  • Monad

What if my organisation does not use one of the supported systems?

We can provide a semi-automated solution for organisations who use other systems -providing these collect all necessary data required for Audience Finder analysis*.

Examples of some additional systems we can support using this method include:

  • AudienceView
  • ProVenue Max
  • Savoy Systems: Oscar
  • TicketSource

If you are unsure if this solution applies to your system, please contact us.

*Unfortunately, we are unable to support users of Eventbrite, as we have found that the required data fields for Audience Finder are not normally captured and stored by the system.